New Project: RC boat autopilot

Today I took the first step for a new project that kept returning to my mind for the last couple of days.

I bought a remote controlled boat on eBay. The boat is an Atlantic Yacht by Heng Long which is sold by the retailer as “defective” because it has been returned by a customer. No idea what’s wrong with it, I hope it’s just the control unit I’m going to replace anyway.

Currently I’m planning to equip it with an Arduino based ArduPilot that is modified for marine usage.

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One thought on “New Project: RC boat autopilot”

  1. Good day

    I am glad that I am not the only guy that is having the idea of a RC autopilot boat project.

    As i am in the surveying industry and dont have a lot of experience in the elecronics ii am looking for someone who can help me with a autopilot for a boat that we are using for underwater surveying (Hydroghraphical Suyveying)
    If you can help mail me to


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