Pebble Ping Pong

P1110630 (1280x960)

The watch shows the score of the current game and the current match. Pressing the upper button increases the current score for the opponent, pressing the lower button increases the own score. When a side switch or a service alternation is due the watch vibrates. Short press on the select button pauses and unpauses the game. Long press on the select button starts a new game.

Get the sourcecode from GitHub.


Planned features

  • Notification when the match ends, announcing the winner
  • Corresponding Android app that keeps track of matches


  • The app is designed to have internationalization at compile time. Feel free to send me translated header files if you want the app in your language.


  • v0.1 (19.05.2013)
    • Initial release

3 thoughts on “Pebble Ping Pong”

  1. This looks much more useful than any other table tennis app in the official Pebble Store–thank you so much for creating this!

    But unfortunately, it won’t run on my Pebble 🙁 Would it be possible for you to update it to be compatible with the latest SDK or even better, possibly upload it to the official Pebble Store so it’s easier to install?

    Also, I wonder if you would consider making an enhancement–namely, making it possible to undo the most recently scored point. I am currently using another general-purpose scoring app that allows one to double-press to decrement one side’s score. I don’t need that capability often, but sometimes after I’ve already scored a point there will be a dispute over whether the ball really hit the table/line or not and we’ll re-play the point (I’m sure as a fellow player you can understand 🙂 )

    Thank you!

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