Multimeter DT9205A

So, it finally arrived. I guess two weeks isn’t all that bad a delivery time from Hong Kong to Germany. My first impression after unwrapping it is … well, you get what you pay for. The workmanship is lousy, at least regarding the rubber cover. But hell, it was only 8.59 € including shipping costs.

The display has as a large pressure mark in the center, another example of the poor workmanship. It doesn’t impede the readability, it’s just not pretty.

The display is large and very easy to read. The selector switch feels actually pretty good. The biggest downside I can see on first glance is the manual, which is completely in chinese (I guess, I’m far from being an expert on asian writing symbols, sorry). But beggars can’t be choosers.

Luckily these times an english manual is found easily on the internet.

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2 thoughts on “Multimeter DT9205A”

  1. hello Gerald
    I would need your help about this multimeter.
    Would you have the niceness to contact me at “ ” ?
    Thanks a lot

    1. Hi.

      I pretty much doubt that I am of any help, I’m a novice in this area myself. Feel free to ask questions here, maybe someone else can answer them, but I guess specific questions are better asked in an electronics forum.


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